Rathmines Cottage

House finder service/ Design & Project Management/ Garden design.

This house was unusual in that the request to find a property came from overseas and the client wanted an apartment rather than a house as she reckoned it would offer better value.
After scouting for three months I asked her to change tack and I found this just before she arrived in Dublin. Deal was done, rough sketch of improvements made and builder quote received in 24 hours. The restoration involved damp proofing, insulation – removing partitions, shifting the space around and building a small extension for the kitchen – dining room, The fireplace was centrally sited within the house and we exposed the brickwork as a feature. Tall ceilings, glass coffee table, mirrors and use of the fire place as home for the television all help create the illusion of space. Builder www.gcconstruction.ie


“Suffice it to say that this project came in on time and under budget! We have had experience with these sort of projects before and I can say that this project ran smoother 6,000 miles away than any project we have undertaken at home. Wesley with the cooperation of the contractor orchestrated this project like a symphony conductor. Every last detail was looked after right down to design, decorating and furnishing. My wife arrived as the paint was drying to set up and move our daughter who was in the midst of her exams. Wesley spent countless hours with Gail facilitating the furnishing, equipping and moving. All for an extremely fair fee!
His work has been outstanding, and we would not hesitate for a second engaging his services again or recommending him.
In fact it is a pleasure to write this recommendation, which barely scratches the surface describing all that he has done for us!”
Mark Spurr, Vancouver. (Rathmines Cottage)